Samstag, 13. September 2014

Little apples

I don't really care that much for what's hot and what's not in the Chinese pop charts, but recently one particular song is almost impossible to avoid.

For several months now not one day has passed by where one didn't hear that song somewhere - in a radio at the little food stall, as music video on TV screens in restaurants or electronic appliances stores, out of speakers in front of hot pot and BBQ joints or fashion stores, and of course on dancefllors in bars and clubs.

Not one day.

And as I've been to places allover the country in the last couple of weeks I can say - it applies for the whole country - be it the prosperous provinces on the east coast, be it Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Gansu, or the tibetan outskirts of southwestern Sichuan and Yunnan - it's everywhere.

Reminds a little bit of the "Gangnam Style" hype a while ago.

Therefore hereby I wanna give the chance to share my mixture of amusement and ear pain that song gives me after hearing it on a daily basis for a while now.

The "Chopstick brothers" with "Little apple" (Link from Youtube):