Donnerstag, 20. Juni 2013

Donnerstag, 6. Juni 2013

Probably took the wrong turn.

When you come to visit China, you got to see the Great Wall. It´s a must, so to say. Otherwise it would probably be like being in Paris without seeing the Eiffel tower or being in Las Vegas without going gambling or to a show.

I´ve been to that Wall a couple of times already, in my "earlier" years as a tourist myself, since I´m in Shenyang as a "tourist guide" to friends visiting us every now and then. So I´ve seen a fair bit of the Wall, especially at our closest spot, Shanhaiguan, two hours by train from Shenyang.

It´s still always fun to go there, but that "whoa"-effect seemed to fade a little - even at that place "Old dragon head" where the wall reaches the sea.

Unless, of course, you see something you wouldn´t expect - like the huge dredger stranded maybe 10 m away from the most eastern part of the Great Wall.

If that thing was supposed to dig somewehere close and the anchor chain burst or the crew tried to take a shortcut through the rocky waters around this segment of the wall to reach the nearby harbour quicker, no idea. Neither how lang the ship already was and still will be there.

The Chinese tourists however seemed not to mind at all - they took their souvenir pictures as if the ship wasn´t even there.

For pictures of the "Old dragon head" without stranded ship (but with extra sun) you can read my post about Shanhaiguan.