Samstag, 11. August 2012

Traffic in Shenyang - The Players. Part 2

Having introduced certain kinds of "civilian" scooter riders here in Shenyang in the last post, this time everything revolves around what and how Chinese can transport on two wheels.

As with the "Civilians", the Transporters also can be divided into several subspecies. As there are:

Donkey carts

 As more and more Chinese can afford a car, they get rarer, but you still see them occassionally in the streets - donkey carts. Mostly owned by farmers who ride into the city centres to sell their produce, mainly fruits.


Like knights with lances in middle age tournaments, the "jouster" or "lancer" carries with high speed narrow stuff that`s much longer than his vehicle and often has pointy ends. Mostly cables, boards or long bars. Or, as in the last picture of this series, a billboard.The long part can stick out at the front, the back, or even sideways.  And as the mentioned knight poses a threat to everyone coming his way.

Wide loads

For transporting stuff, you need boxes, be they made out of wood, cardboard, styrofoam, or plastic. The stores receiving that stuff delivered often just need that particular stuff, but not the boxes. So someone has to bring them back to their origin, or, if further unasable, to a recycling facility. That`s where the wide loads come in. They stack their cart with - exactly - empty boxes, and when the cart`s fully stacked, they tie even more - what? - yes, empty boxes - around it. And voila, ready to go.

Just ridiculously overloaded

The most common species among transporters. Chinese just master the art of piling stock. Even on a scooter. And driving through town with it. Yes, all the scooters in these pictures had people riding them on it when I took the pictures. This is just a small selection of my drive-by-(photo-)shootings:


Sky is the limit

And last but not least, two representitives of the "I-piled-up-the-stuff-on-my-cart-so-high-I-can`t-see-a-damn-thing-and-now-need-someone-walking-beside-or-in-front-of-me-to-tell-me-where-I´m-going"-kind: